Sokong Plan Transformasi Negara

Sokong Plan Transformasi Negara

Friday, 24 February 2012

Penang Bridge Speed Limits - Beware of Police Speed Traps

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1Malaysia..

Lately lots of sound here and there talking about summons they had to pay for speeding on the Penang Bridge. To be clear, the summon comes with a copy of their vehicle picture so that no confision rises.

Since early this year, many speed trap cameras have been set up along the entire bridge, even on hot sunny days and early morning office rush hours. As a results, many motorists including my companies' cars and individuals have been booked by the police.

For the benefits of all colleagues and Penang Bridge road users, I am pleased to enclosed herewith some clarifications from the PPSB with regards to the 3 different speed limits imposed on the Penang Bridge.

For easy reference, please see the pictorial summary of the speed traps attached.


Penang Bridge Sdn Bhd explains the different speed limits imposed while driving on the bridge.

There are three different speed limits at specific locations on the bridge.

(1) The 50 km / hr speed limit applies to entrance to the bridge from Bayan Lepas and Jelutong and the exit from the bridge to Bayan Lepas and Jelutong.

(2) The 70 km / hr limit is enforced on km 4.3 to km 8.5 for both Penang and Perai bound-vehicles, while

(3) The 80 km / hr limit is implemented from km 0.4 approaching the bridge (after toll plaza) to km 4.3 for both Penang and Perai bound-vehicles.
These speed limits are in accordance with the Road Safety Audit conducted and endorsed by the Malaysian Highway Authorities. They are meant to promote safe driving and better motoring habits.

For convenience, signages to alert drivers of the varying speed limits have been posted at the starting point of the speed limit is imposed.

p/s source were from my higher officer :)

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