Sokong Plan Transformasi Negara

Sokong Plan Transformasi Negara

Thursday, 8 March 2012

iOS 5.1 review...from my point of view

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1Malaysia..

Finally Apple release its latest ipad so called 'The New Ipad' but the side of this annauncement was the ios that they introduce as well, ios 5.1 which has been waited for so long since November or December 2011.

A lot of rumors came out compiling what do they want in the next ios update and guess what, some of them has come true with the new ios 5.1 which has been release and presented by non other than the new Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook.

This morning before i leave for work, i checked i idevice for any update(because i haven't have a chance to watch the keynote), glad to see ios5.1 is ready to download and install to my device. What makes it better yesterday my internet router seems to be not working, but his morning its good as its newly changed.

What new with this new ios? Let me do a simple and short review for all the new improvements:
  • Siri now support Japanese. This might not enlighten most of iphone 4s users but sure the Japanese will appriciate it. The availability for Siri to talk in Japan will bring great help for the Japanese to communicate with the virtual 'companion' without any 'misunderstanding' moments.
  • Photos in Photo Stream now can be deleted. Have u ever faced when a secret picture of u taken using your iphone, but your parents or wife caught u from your ipad photo stream? Say no to this situation anymore for now u can delete any photos you want from your device Photo Stream.

  • Snaping photos using iphone never going to be easier with camera always available in lock screen. Before this in lock screen, we have to press the home button twice only we can go to the camera app. Now its always available on your lock screen, just touch and slide it up..and you are ready to take photos.

  • The camera app again being the main enhancement for the idevice where last time, edit features is introduce. Now, it is added with face detection so when you capture potrait pictures, all the faces will be detect for a better quality focus.
  • Camera app for ipad also has been change. This features really take into account that the size of ipad makes it very hard to take a photo in the conventional interface. Now with a new interface, taking photos using ipad never been easier.

  • The battery life issue again being address in this ios update. For now, it looks slightly better compared to previous ios 5 and ios 5.0.1 update.
  • Other update is not a frequent use so i can't do any comparison as i have not experience any of the trouble but as we go on and there is any news for the other functions, i'll keep this entry update.

Nevertheless, ios 5.1 does bring few disapointment as we still cannot see Facebook intergration in it thus proving that facebook does have unsettle issue with Apple. Besides that, we still can't have multigesture function to our iphone.

However, Apple geeks out there should be fine with the current ios5.1 and what we really expect is the batery life issue should be settle by now. Hope Apple Inc. will not stop here and continue to enlighthen us the Apple fan.

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